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Hair Length Guide

Hair Length Guide


Choosing your hair length has been made easy with this simple hair length guide. Fancy Elle hair extensions are priced according to the length of your choice. Longer lengths cost more than shorter lengths.

Our shortest length is 8 inches which is a chin-level and as long as 24 inches at waist level; any length longer than 24” would fall below the waist. The shorter the hair the less bundles of hair you will require and the longer the length the more bundles of hair you will need. You have the choice to buy a complete set of hair in same length or you can buy a set of hair with different lengths for an obvious layering look. Please note that our wavy and curly hair is measured when pulled straight.

8 inch - 12 Inch - If you have thin hair and wanting to give your natural hair some volume these lengths are perfect for you. These lengths are also ideal if you are going for a short hair do such as pixie cut or bob hair style.

14 Inch - Ideal for length and volume just around your shoulders

16 Inch - If you are hair length is shorter than a 16” and you want a long hair that is not too drastic in length this is a good starting point for longer and flowy hair.

18 and 20 Inch- This is one of the most popular lengths for longer and gorgeous hair look.

22” inches and up - If you are looking for that drop dead gorgeous long hair don’t care look this is IT. However, keep in mind that with longer lengths you will require more hair to achieve a voluminous look.