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Prime Collection

Our lead ship collection of 100% Virgin Remy Hair - Premium Untreated All Natural Human Hair
  • Best in quality, lasts longer than other hair types
  • Wash and wear, color and style like your own hair
  • Premium hair - no frizz, tangle-free, odor-less and shed-free
  • Unprocessed hair from a human donor, not altered in any way
  • Soft and bouncy, easy to style and to blend with your own hair
  • Not pressed, free from dyes and untouched by any type of treatment
  • Hair cuticles are closed, hair is shiny, tangle-free and healthy
  • Naturally curly or straight, texture will remain the same no matter how many times used
  • Can be reused countless number of times as long as hair is properly cared for
  • This hair can be colored, dyed, permed or straightened like your own hair
  • Hair color ranges from natural black (Color #1B) to natural brown (Color #2-#3)