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360 lace frontal is the new hair trend nowadays. This is basically a lace headband that goes 360 all around your head. It is more natural-looking as it essentially cover your wefts. You can ponytail and wear your hair up with confidence as a 360 frontal covers and seamlessly blends with your wefts at all sides. This is perfect for you if you want to try an adventurous and easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

Our standard size of the 360 frontal is at 22.25"x 4"x 2". This is the circumference measurement all around your hair perimeter. 4"is the width at the front while 2" is the width at the sides and back. It goes around your head so you can prop it in a high ponytail with ease.

  • 360 Hair Frontal
  • Swiss Lace
  • Baby hair around the perimeter
  • Can be bleached or dyed
  • Natural color 1B/2
  • Premium Virgin remy hair

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