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Frontal hairpieces are similar to closure hairpieces, the only difference is their size. Whereas closures only sit on top of your head, frontals are wider, encompassing your crown from ear to ear. It encloses your entire front face, hence the name “frontal”.

If you like to easily change your part either on any side or middle, then frontals will give you a better flexibility. You can also pull back your hair and tie it in a ponytail with frontals. Since this is basically one hair piece, there’s no noticeable gaps on your scalp. A hair frontal piece protects and covers more scalp area than a hair closure. You can opt for a hair frontal instead of a closure if you are adventurous when it comes to hair styling.

  • Size 13x4
  • Swiss Lace frontal
  • Natural Color (#1B/2)
  • Ear to Ear length
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