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Can I Wear Hair Extensions without Damaging My Natural Hair?

Jedys Alagon

Posted on June 13 2019


Hair extensions is the decades-old beauty secret by A-listers and celebrities. Thanks to the internet, hair extensions are now going mainstream. Nowadays, you can have your own high-quality human hair extensions delivered to you in a few days. But is it possible to wear hair extensions daily without ruining your natural hair?

You’ve probably seen some news about hair extension horrors in the internet. Even supermodels such as Naomi Campbell aren’t immune to patches of hair losss due to the using too much hair extension for decades.

Yet hair extensions are here to stay. You can enjoy hair extensions day in and day out for years if you know how to care for your hair. It will take some effort, but you will be rewarded with thick and fabulous hair all year round. Here are ways on how you can wear hair extensions without damaging your hair and scalp:

·         Before you buy your first hair extension product, talk to your stylist. Go ahead and ask questions about hair extensions. It is your stylist that knows your hair condition best.
·         Brush your hair with extension-compatible hair brush daily.
·         Be gentle when styling your hair. Do not tug your hair as it can add stress on your scalp.


  • Don’t wash your hair everyday to minimize the wear and tear of your hair extensions. You can wash your hair every other day to keep it clean and minimize oiliness.

  • Braid your hair loosely before you sleep at night.

  • Avoid placing your clip-in hair extensions on the same spot on your head for months at a time. Rotate your clip-in areas to minimize daily tugging on the same group of hair.

  • Store your clip-in hair extensions on its original box. Don’t just dump it on your bag when travelling.

  • If this is your first time using hair extensions, have your hairstylist install it for you.

  • Do not try to bleach or color your hair extensions on your own.

  • If using strand by strand extensions, the recommend removal and reapplication is every 3-5 months, depending upon the type of hair extensions used.

  • Do not put hair conditioners directly on your scalp. This can lead to product buildup which as you know precedes dandruff and irritated scalp.


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