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7 Common Habits that will Do your Hair No Good

Jedys Alagon

Posted on June 13 2019

  1. Too much tugging with hair ties

Braids and ponytails save you from a bad hair day, but using them every single day can pull hair from your scalp and damage your roots. Kinky hair and overly fine hair are prone to breakage if you bound your hair too tightly. Pick a hair tie that is made of smooth fabric to minimize friction. If your hair is too dry and unruly that you have no choice but to tie it, you have to change your conditioner and find something that suits your hair better.


  1. Using dirty brushes

Yes, it’s true that you have to brush your hair every day. What they didn’t tell you is that you must also clean your brushes every single time. Your brush is filled with hair, dead skin, dirt, product residue and sweat, a combination that can wreak havoc to your hair the next day. Using a dirty brush is like wearing yesterday’s clothes, this should be a no-brainer.


  1. Using too many hair care products

Whenever you are using too many hair care products, you are exposing yourself to too much chemicals. Your friends might say that the more hair products you use, the better. That’s far from the truth. Even if you are using the right sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, all these efforts will be void once you put on a cocktail of leave-on products on your hair. Choosing just one hair care product to volumize or define your curls is the best move. When it comes to hair care products, less is more.


  1. Styling your wet hair

Your hair is at its most fragile state when wet. That’s the reason why you must not brush and style your hair until it is completely dry. Condition your hair so that it will dry with enough moisture. If you need to detangle, use a wide-toothed comb.


  1. Sleeping with wet hair

Hitting the sack before fully drying your hair will give you a bad hair the next day. That’s because your hair is more prone to tangles and damage if you will sleep with wet hair. This unhealthy practice will also result to split ends. Your hair will rub your pillowcases all night. Hair cuticles can easily get roughened and damaged, making your hair frizzy and dry. If you shower and is too sleepy to completely blow your hair dry, braid it before you hit the sheets.


  1. Taking hot showers

A hot shower is good for relaxation, but it can contribute to hair frizz. That means hot shower is good for your health, but not to your hair. Hot water washes the natural oils from your scalp, which will cause it to overproduce oil. As you know, too much oil equals greasy hair. Showering with hot water will also open up your hair cuticles, making its texture rough. If you must do a hot shower, end it by washing your hair in cool water. That way, you can reseal your hair cuticles, making it smooth and shiny.


  1. Over treating and over coloring your hair

Relaxing, perming, coloring and bleaching is good but too much of them will weaken your hair. Too much treatment will expose your hair to a cocktail of chemicals. This will strip your hair of its natural oils, making it dull and lifeless. If you must color your hair for the nth time, you can instead use a hair extension. Hide your hair and color the hair extension instead. Better yet, buy a hair extension on your preferred color and layer it into your hair. You can blend your hair and the extensions to make it look like you have highlights. As long as your hair is of the same texture and length, it will look just fine.


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