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How to Earn Big Bucks as a Hair Stylist by Offering Hair Extensions as a Service

Ankit Kumar Gaurav

Posted on April 02 2018


Happy clients and big bucks. What's not to like? You can get both of these by adding hair extensions into your salon services list. In this age of Instagram makeovers, offering hair extension services will set you in-trend. So is this something you can do?

Nowadays, your clients know too much information - thanks to social media and internet. They browse the web for that perfect cut and style before they show up at your door. So it is likely that they know about hair extensions. They might even say yes and try hair extensions if they are given a chance. The problem is, only a few hair stylists offer hair extension installation. Uptown salons that offer this as a service charge thousands of bucks. Based on this, it's easy to see why this is a billion-dollar industry. You are sitting in a goldmine! The question now is: Are you missing out?

Top secret human hair extensions became the trending news way back 2013. That was when Victoria Beckham confused the internet. She was sporting a short bob that day then sashayed in long flowing locks the next 24 hours. Her long hair looks so real; it was as if all her strands grew one foot overnight! What kind of sorcery was that?!

Well, the hair extensions trend is not a secret. It was just an untapped market. You see every other celebrity that rock the red carpet have barely-noticeable hair extensions in-place. From Kylie Jenner to Lil Kim, to Lady Gaga and even Oprah, all these celebs wear all sorts of wigs and hair extensions with class.

So how can you join in the fun? Here are my five easy steps to get started now:

  1. Ask around and collect data. Who might need it and who will be interested?
  2. Find a reputable company that offers mail order premium virgin Remy hair extensions. 100% virgin human hair isn't cheap, but its worth it. Buy your hair extensions supply for a company that you can trust.
  3. Offer hair extensions as an add-on option for your current clients.
  4. Try hair extensions on yourself. Don't get left behind!
  5. Join Fancy Elle Hair Ambassador Program to earn commissions and discounts. You earn additional bucks, and you made your clients happy. A win-win if you'll ask me!