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Abracadabra! 5 Tips to Make your Hair Extensions Disappear!

Ankit Kumar Gaurav

Posted on April 02 2018


Do you sometimes wonder how celebrities win the hair thickness lottery while you are blessed with nothing but pencil-thin hair?

It turns out that these celebs are also human just like you. They have their flaws. Most of them have sparse hair like you. But why do they look picture-perfect on the red carpet? How do they manage to grow hair twice your volume? Well, the secret is out. This is not sorcery but just the right mix of virgin Remy hair extension and simple hair styling technique. You can also achieve the same level of glam now by following these easy tips:

  1. Clip-in Hair Extensions for the Newbie – If you are new in this hair extension craze, clip-ins are your friend. Clip-ins by far are the most accessible hair extensions in the market. Choose a clip-in hair extension nearly identical to your own hair color and texture. Use our length guide to be able to buy the best value for your money. Fancy Elle hair extensions are priced according to the hair length, so be sure about your hair length before you click the Buy Now button.
  2. Tease your hair - If you have straight or wavy hair, there is a chance that your clip-in hair extensions will slide down after a few hours of use. The best way to keep your clip-ins barely noticeable and firmly in place is to tease your hair before you clip them in. Use a teasing brush to push your hair upward to your roots. Roughen your roots a bit to give your hair extensions some friction that will hold them in place. This will also keep those clip-ins from showing since you have enough hair volume to blend them better.
  3. Upside down hair extensions – Fancy a chic ponytail? Wearing your clip-in hair extensions upside down is a trick straight from the pros. If you want to wear your hair up while adding volume to your ponytail, place your hair extension clips upside down against your hair roots. Wear it underneath a layer of hair, so they are invisible.
  4. Clip your hair in sections before you apply your clip-ins – To pull off the best look, portion your hair in sections. Clip them up. After teasing your hair, clip them in place. Now let a portion of your hair down, tease and clip again. Do it beginning from the base of your head all the way to the crown.
  5. Curl or straighten them together – Since Fancy Elle hair is 100% human hair, you can style our extensions the way you style your natural hair. Once the clip-ins hair extensions are well in place, take out your curling wand or straightening iron. While preheating your appliance, put in enough heat-protecting serum and dab it on your hair and extensions. Curl or straighten your hair the usual way. You can use some thickening or glossy spray to polish off the look.