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9 Myths and Misconceptions about Hair Care Debunked

Ashley Chuke

Posted on June 11 2019



Are you damaging your hair right now without knowing it? Look at the mirror and you will know the answer. If you hair is thinning, frizzy or dull and lifeless, read on.  

There are lots of misconceptions about hair care out there. If you want your full head of hair to last until you are old and gray, you need to stop the madness. So lend me your ears and take down notes as we tackle and debunk these hair care myths and misconceptions one by one.


1.   Shampoo is not your friend - This is utterly false. Before you blame all your hair woes on your shampoo, ask yourself this question: Am I using the right shampoo for my hair type? You still need to shampoo, although not every day. There are a lot of stylists out there that rally against shampoo. Some will even advise you to co-wash your hair and skip your shampoo every single day. Now, co-washing is good, but not all the time. Without a good clarifying shampoo, your conditioner will weigh your hair down. Excess conditioner will also pile up at your scalp. This product build-up will lead to dandruff and irritated scalp. So yes, you still need shampoo, but you need to find the right type for your hair and use it at the right the time.


2.  You should wash your locks every single day – Unless your hair is soaked in your sweat every day, you don’t need to wash daily. Shampooing everyday strips your hair of its natural oils. As a result, your hair will be oilier, faster. Cowashing every other days is better for your hair’s long term health.  


3.  During bath time, you should shampoo your hair twice before using conditioner – Some shampoo brands put this on their instructions. This is false! There is no need for you to shampoo twice. Once is enough. This is a ploy by shampoo brands to make your supply ran out faster. Of course, you know better than to believe them.


4.  You should use the same matching shampoo and conditioner. – There’s no rule that says you must use the same type and brand of shampoo and conditioner. The truth is, you can mix and match. The best way to know what’s best for your hair is to experiment. You can cocktail and try out. Note how each combination turns out. My best bet is to use a mild shampoo and curl-defining or volumizing conditioner every time I shower. You can also use a moisturizing shampoo and a smoothing conditioner for thick and curly hair.


5.  You need to shampoo first before using the conditioner –This is optional. You can use conditioner before shampoo. Conditioning before shampoo works for limp and thinning hair. Here’s how it goes: Condition your mid to ends for shine and bounce, then rinse and shampoo your scalp and roots for volume. Rinse on cool water to lock down your hair cuticles. Your hair will then have more volume, bounce and shine.


6.  Styling products keep your hair healthy – Too much of a good thing will eventually backfire. Your hair spray or mousse might advertise that they have some biotin or vitamins added but they are still chemicals. Drenching your hair on too much chemical-laden hair styling products will weaken it over time. The best way to avoid a bad hair day is to keep your hair healthy. Give yourself a haircut that is easy to style and maintain.


7.  Conditioner and leave-on serums can treat your split ends – Some hair care brands advertise how their product can treat your split ends. Let me tell you what, there is no way to treat that split ends. How can you get rid of them though? Take your scissors and cut!


8.  Don’t trim your split ends; let your stylist take care of it. – This white lie is normally spouted by hairdressers so you can come back every month for your trim. Here’s the rub: it’s totally OK to trim your split ends on your own. Trim your locks by about a centimeter or two but not to an extent that you are giving yourself a new haircut.


9.  Trimming your hair regularly will make them grow quicker – Again, you must forgive your hair stylist for this little white lie. There is no scientific research that confirms this. You can trim your hair all you want but it will not make your hair grow faster than it normally does. But trimming is good as it reduces hair tangles, so go and trim every month.