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7 Things You Need to Know Before You Wear Hair Extensions

Ankit Kumar Gaurav

Posted on April 02 2018


Do you instantly regret chopping off your long locks the moment you step out of the salon? Worry no more as there is an instant solution to that hasty decision.

You can either wait for months to allow your hair to grow back or you can instead rock a set of hair extensions. Fancy Elle hair extensions are made of 100% virgin Remy hair. Once you buy a set and put them on your hair, they will hardly distinguish one from the other.

Hair extensions are also great for adding a bit of volume to thin hair. So bye bye bad hair day, and hello to Instagram-worthy locks! But before you try on any type of hair extensions, remember these tips:

  1.  Consider your hair volume – Hair extensions can add volume to your hair, but it will also weigh your locks down. Your hair extensions must match your own hair density. For fine hair, choose lighter extensions. Place them on the part where your hair is the strongest.
  1.  Assign a number to each part of your hair extensions – Remember these before you head to your hair stylist, put a number on each clip-in hair extension. That way, you can easily differentiate between what goes on your crown and what’s for down and for each side of your head.
  1.  Get a stylish cut for your extensions – Your hair extensions need the right cut and shape to make them blend with your natural hair. Your hair stylist can cut them like how he cuts your hair.             
  1.  Keep it dry - After getting your sewn-in extensions done, don’t wash your hair for 48 hours. If you must shower, wear a plastic shower cap to keep your hair dry.
  1.  Sulfate-free shampoo all the way – Use a natural shampoo for washing your hair. Sulphate-laden shampoo and conditioner can strip your hair of oils and will make them dry in no time.
  1.  Condition the ends – You must use conditioner to keep your extensions soft, but be mindful not to put this product on your scalp, which can later cause product build-up. As a rule, condition only the lower half of your hair, and use mild shampoo for your scalp.
  1. Make sure you are using human hair extension -  Synthetic hair extensions can damage your hair further. They tangle and shed quickly, so they have less product life as compared to using real human hair. Fancy Elle only uses 100% virgin Remy extension sourced from human hair.