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Tips for Protecting and Transforming your Tresses – the Do's and Don'ts

Ashley Chuke

Posted on May 18 2015


Here’s one thing we often forget; our hair isn’t invincible. In fact, hair can easily snap from simple brushing and combing, or even from tossing and turning on a pillowcase while sleeping. Just like your own hair, it’s important that extensions are cared for and protected. While it shouldn’t be surprising that major breakage often follows persistent styling, applying and wearing, the solution is quite simple. Here are some top tips for protecting and transforming your tresses long term...

Don’t over style: Extensions can get split ends and eventually look damaged after being styled over and over again. To protect your investment (and your real hair too), go easy on the styling, always use a conditioning spray to protect your hair from damage, and be sure to deep-condition your hair at least once a week – this will keep your tresses looking it’s best!

Do find an experienced stylist: Your tresses are an investment. You wouldn’t have someone who isn’t a mechanic try to fix your car, would you? With that thought in mind, when it comes to taking care of your hair, it’s best to find a reputable and experienced stylist to apply your glue-in, tape-in, and protein-bonded extensions.

Do ask questions: Always ask questions and make sure they’re able to not only protect and manage your hair long term, but also pair a style and application that fits your lifestyle, face shape and desired appearance. Because all hair is different, it’s best to ask your stylist specific questions in regards your tresses – they will factor in your hair history to provide you with the best choices for long-term hair success.

Don’t over heat: Just like real hair, human hair extensions are susceptible to long-term heat damage – whether it is on a head or sewn onto a weft, it’s best to always spray it with a thermal styling treatment to minimize damage before styling with any set of hot tools.

When styling the extensions with heat tools, always let them cool, then spritz with regular hairspray to finish. Don’t forget that real human hair extensions, like regular hair, will start to lose the style after many hours or in humid or windy conditions. The style will be completely reversed with wetting or washing. Many experts will recommend curling or straightening extensions when they are off the head to prevent any potential damage.

This can be done by anchoring the sewn end of the extensions under a heavy object or lying flat on counter with the hair lying freely over the edge – just lift the hair using a free hand and style away!

Don’t over do it: You’ve heard the saying “everything in moderation,” and just like hair it should be managed carefully. If you weave over and over again, you'll eventually have issues with hair thinning or even hair loss. If you heat over and over again, you’ll eventually have damaged tresses that can only be fixed with cutting! Know when to give your scalp, hair and extensions a break.

Always see your stylist regularly and make sure your scalp remains clean and healthy. A good stylist will suggest plenty of deep treatments, regular trims and more than likely suggest that you give that weave a break every now and then. Many will even suggest bringing your tresses with you and let them professionally treat them.

Remember, like for all good things, quality hair care and maintenance is best when it comes to protecting your investment!


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