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From Love to Luxe with Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

Ashley Chuke

Posted on February 11 2014

Valentine’s Day just a few days away and Ashley Hair Company wants to help you celebrate! This is one of the new few days dedicated to love, luxe, and looks. Many of us will be getting all dolled up for a romantic night on the town, and nothing turns up the sex-appeal like a one of a kind hairstyle taking you from so-so to soooo-sultry. Your hairstyle is one important element that culminates in having the perfect look that your lover will swoon over!

Loose Curls: For those looking for a simple look that looks elegant but takes minimal effort, loose curls can be a perfect fit for those seeking a simple change from day to night. With straight virgin Indian hair extensions, you cannot only add incredible volume to your hair, but also some serious length (from 8” to 30”).  Real Housewives of Atlanta’s own Cynthia Bailey regularly rocks this effortless hairstyle. To get the look: Place medium-sized hot rollers from the bottom of your hair up to the roots and leave in for 15-20 minutes. After removing, separate curls with your fingers and spritz with shine spray. The curls will hold for the entire day! 

Wavy Bob: For ladies with shorter hair, a short wavy bob is the way to go. It’s subtle, yet sexy at the same time. Musical artist Beyoncé brought this look to life in its “aquatic” form with a wet wavy bob (the now infamous wob) during her 2014 Grammy performance with husband Jay-Z. Wavy Indian hair is known for its soft and supple loose waves and you can replicate this same look with just a few sprays of an oil mist and achieve Beyoncé’s wet-look for your romantic night out. 

Loose Waves: Add a little va-va-va-voom with loose body waves for Valentine’s Day, with Brazilian Body Wave extensions. With this Brazilian hair weave product, curls and waves will help create a softening effect on many womens’ features – like the look seen on Scandal’s actress, Kerry Washington. The body wave is the type of perm that makes soft waves as opposed to tight or springy curls while simultaneously increasing both volume and texture. This technique also provides more fullness when styled. Purchasing extensions provides a short-term commitment to the pricey and timely perm. It’s both simple and elegant and is versatile for any outfit.

Even on such a special occasion as Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to look like you spent a few hours with your blow dryer and straightening iron. Plus, for a limited time, Ashley Hair Company is giving everyone 15% off in honor of V-day for anyone who uses the code ‘VAL15’ at check out to celebrate! Treat yourself with a trendy new-do to drastically change your look for the world’s most loved day.



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