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Q: What is Virgin Remy Hair?

A: Virgin Remy hair is the best quality hair extension you can buy anywhere. It is unprocessed and mostly untreated. At Fancy Elle, we source our virgin human hair from India and some parts of Southeast Asia. Our clients can attest to the quality of our hair which is comparable to the what high-end salons use. Our hair products are untouched by harsh chemicals. You can feel and smell the difference.

Be wary whenever you buy hair extensions from other online stores. Most cheap hair extensions advertised as "human" or "virgin" contain lots of animal fillers and synthetic fibers. Only a pro can tell them apart. To get the best value for your money, take our advice. Buy your hair extensions from a company that you can trust.

Q: Why Fancy Elle?

A: Fancy Elle creates the most natural-looking 100% virgin Remy hair extensions. We are delivering the elite top-secret premium hair extensions right into the doorstep of every woman. Our hair products instantly increase your hair length and volume, boosting your natural beauty and confidence. Our hair extensions maintain its thickness and softness even after months of dyeing, blow drying, straightening and daily washes.

Fancy Elle is the fastest growing mail-order hair extension company in the United States. Our highest quality virgin hair extensions are sought-after by hair stylists and by our loyal customers worldwide. We offer 100% human Remy hair with quality that stands out from the rest of hair extension products in the market.

Q: What is a weft?

A weft is a single straight line of hair with uniform strands. They are gathered and tied or sewn together to make the application of hair extensions on your own easier.

Q: How many bundles of hair weft will I need to get the look I want?

A: If you are getting tracks, one bundle/pack is usually enough to do four to five tracks up to 18" hair length. We recommend two bundles of hair weft for lengths under 16”. For 18" and longer it is advisable to buy at least three bundles of hair. If you are considering just buying two bundles for lengths 16”-20” and you have a small head you could get away with two bundles since each of our bundle contains 4 oz/ 114grams per each hair weft bundle. If lengths are above 20” we recommend at least three bundles to achieve a glamorous and voluminous look/density.

Q: How much hair comes in each bundle of Hair Weft

A: Fancy Elle hair bundles are moderately thick, weighing about 113.4 grams (4 ounces). Our bundles that are longer in length have shorter wefts, which are best for full weave installation. 

Q: What is the difference between machine weft and hand-tied wefts?

Machine wefts are created by sewing strands of hair together with a hair sewing machine. Hand-tied wefts are made by tying strands of hair around a strong weaving thread. Both thin machine Weft and hand-tied wefts lay flat on the scalp. Fancy Elle offers Thin Machine Weft as it is more user-friendly and less maintenance compared to hand-tied wefts.

Q: What is the best way to cut a weft?

Hand-tied wefts should never be cut from the top (the track), this is a common mistake made by even experienced hair stylists. If it is cut, then you should seal it with solid glue like nail glue or fabric glue. There is no guarantee that it will not shed if it is cut.

With machine wefts, you can cut where desired. We cannot stress how vital this information is, one of the reasons for wefts shedding is because the weft is not cut correctly. Once the weft sheds loose hair will intertwine with hair on the weft which in turn would cause the hair to matt up.

Also, one should never sew through the top of the weft, and it is recommended you sew around the weft.

Q: What is the difference between remy single drawn hair and Remy double drawn hair?

A: Remy Single Drawn Hair: The Remy single drawn is a high-quality hair texture trimmed in the same direction from the upper to the lower ends. This creates a natural layered look, making it blend perfectly with the rest of your hair. This type of hair usually cost more as they are the best quality.

Remy Double Drawn Hair: This hair is trimmed at both ends leaving the upper and lower parts in their respective natural condition. Trimming both ends of the hair is usually done to remove split ends.

Fancy Elle hair extensions are Remy Single Drawn hair.

Q: How is the hair length measured?

All hair is pulled straight and measured. For instance, 12" curly hair will measure approximately 14" when straight. Please see our length guide for more details.

Q: How can I restore my hair extension's natural waves or curls after flat-ironing them straight?

A: If you purchased naturally wavy or curly Virgin hair from us, wash/ co-wash the hair or spray with water.  Let it air dry. Once dried up, it will return to its natural wavy or curly state. If you don't want to wet it, use a dry shampoo then curl activator or leave-in conditioner formulated to restore curls. Glide your fingers through it and scrunch it gently to restore its natural curls.

Q: How can I wash my virgin Remy hair?

A: Since your human hair extension is no longer on the human scalp and it lacks nutrients from the natural scalp oils. Since it now lacks nourishment, you must take extra care of your high-quality hair extension.

Wash hair with a sulfate free moisturizing shampoo and conditioner at least once a week. Use warm or cold water NOT hot water. Before you wash the hair, apply a generous amount of hair conditioner, gently comb through hair with a wide-tooth comb, starting at the tips of the hair first, working your way to the top. Then wash hair with a sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo. While washing, do not pile hair on top of your head; instead wash in the shower in a downward motion to prevent tangling.

If you must remove your hair extensions, place them straight and flat in a sink/ bathtub. Proceed to wet and lather the hair with a gentle shampoo. Rinse hair thoroughly to prevent chemical buildup. Re-apply hair conditioner if any tangles have formed during washing, and rinse well using lukewarm (not hot) water. Blot your hair extensions softly dry with a towel or with an old cotton t-shirt and let it air dry.

Q: What hair products would you recommend for my hair extension?

A: We recommend moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner such as the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Argan Oil in both shampoo and conditioner this will help minimize to minimize frizz. Please keep in my mind that these hair extensions are no longer receiving the vital nutrients from the scalp so be careful on your the choice of hair products.  We cannot stress this enough; Sulfate-based shampoo is a no-no for your quality hair extension as it will dry out the hair and leave it brittle which will eventually be difficult to manage.

Q: How often should I have my extensions re-installed?

A: Have your stylist remove and re-apply your extensions at least every 4-6 weeks. It’s not advisable to keep the hair in beyond 6 weeks, and it’s also not healthy for your natural hair. Before your first hair installment and while wearing your extensions take note of the following tips. Make sure to take care of your own hair extensions by using a gentle clarifying shampoo enriched with herbs and vitamins. Also use a good moisturizing hair conditioner on your natural hair, and apply light anti-itch hair oil. You should see very noticeable, consistent, and healthy hair growth while wearing your virgin human Remy hair extension.

Q: Will I Loose some of my hair when the extensions are removed?

A: Normal daily hair loss is 50-100 hairs per day. When you wear hair extensions, the hair you normally lose is trapped in the extensions and does not fall out naturally. So you will experience a little more shedding when you're combing out your natural hair; don't worry this is normal. In fact, you should experience noticeable hair growth.

Q: Will extensions damage my hair?

Extensions should not damage your hair if properly cared for and maintained. You must be careful brushing. If you have a tangle, hold the hair while you brush it especially if your hair is fragile. Do not tug to remove the tangles as this can loosen your extensions. If this is your first time using hair extensions, have your hair stylist install it for you.

Q: What are Clip-in Hair Extensions?

A: If you are looking for a quick Do It Yourself hair extension system with no long-term bonding, then you have found it. Clip-In Hair Extensions are easy to attach. You can wear clip-ins on your own even if this is your first time wearing hair extensions.  Choose the color and texture of clip-in hair extensions nearest to your hair color and texture. Clip-ins instantly give you longer hair, lowlights, highlights and added volume. You can remove this at night before you sleep and put it back in the morning once you are done with drying your hair. All clip–in hair extensions come in one or multiple pieces (wefts) of varying widths. These extensions can be clipped–in or out in minutes and are virtually undetectable. Just Do it yourself "clip-in" extensions save you time and money! It's quick and easy!  

Q: How long do the extensions last?

A: Fancy Elle hair extensions are just like your hair. With proper hair care, they can last for up to twelve months. If you only wear them on occasions, they can even last for more than a year. If not treated with care, you might need to replace them every three to six months. The more you care for your hair extension, the longer they will last.

Q: Can I color my virgin hair extension?

A: You may color your hair extension, but we recommend coloring hair extensions that are in its natural color state for better result, and also we highly recommend coloring to be done by a professional.

Q: What is a Hair Closure?

A: If you want to hide your natural hair underneath your extensions to get a new look, you can try hair closures. It's like having a new bed of beautiful hair grow on top of your head. With closures, can part your hair line in a zigzag, put your hair in a bun or prop it up in a thick ponytail without worries. A closure is a hairpiece set with the scalp part made of lace or silk. The lace is the typical choice as it is thin, easy to disguise and can allow your scalp to breathe. The hairpiece is attached or sewn to a cornrow base, making it secured for months at a time. Closures are used together with hair extensions in wefts, to give you a new set of beautiful hair while protecting your natural hair underneath.

Q: What is a Hair Frontal?

A: A frontal hairpiece is the smaller version of a hair closure. Frontals are worn on the top of the hair. Frontals go well with hair wefts of the same color, texture, and length. They are similar to closures; the only difference is the coverage. Closure hairpiece goes from ear to ear, while frontals are only about 4x4 or 5x5 inches, covering only the top of the head where you use to part your hair.

Q: What is the purpose of using hair frontals?

A: A frontal hairpiece protects your hairline from damage. It covers half of your scalp, giving you an entirely new set of hair. If you like to experiment with various hairstyles such as tight buns, braids, and up-do styles, frontals will suit you best. If you will rather wear your hair down and let it flow loose, you can opt for closures.

Q: Can I wear Fancy Elle Hair while swimming in pools or at the beach?

A: If you are wearing clip-in hair extensions, remove them first before you take a plunge. For sewn-in hair extensions, you can swim with them on. Remember to wrap them snugly on a swim cap. Just like with natural hair, chlorine, sun and salt water can weight your hair down and strip them of moisture. Remember to deep condition after your outdoor activity to keep your hair soft and tangle-free.

Q: How long after ordering will it take my package to arrive?

A: Orders are processed in 1-2 business days. You will get an email from us in 1-2 business days complete with your the tracking details. You can track your order status online through our shipping carriers.