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Our Hair

Delivering ethically-sourced hair products to your doorstep.

Our hair products are all ethically-sourced from India and Southeast Asia. We make sure to only offer the highest quality virgin hair sought in the mentioned areas.

That’s why the products that arrive at your doorstep are soft, untreated and untouched by harmful chemicals. From procurement to production, we give our hands-on attention to every step our hair extensions go through. 

The result? Products that aren’t just hand-selected but also created using the latest technology for optimum quality.

You can count on the fact that every Fancy Elle hair extension product is a statement to our dedication to perfection. Every hair extension is triple checked at every stage of the production process. There’s no doubt that our long-term customers can attest to this quality! You deserve the best.

Not all hair extensions in the market is created equal. You have to be discerning and be wary of cheap hair extensions that look fake and sheds in a few days.

Most hair extensions in the market feels artificial and reeks of chemical smell. That's because most of these products are “dead hair” or are mixed with synthetic fibers.

Cheap hair are often coated with silicone to make them lustrous and silky but will quickly lose those features after just a few washes. Those types of products will often smell of acid and silicone and ends up tangled and ugly.

With Fancy Elle, you are assured of 100% virgin remy hair. The growing number of women and salon owners trusting us to provide them with hair extensions that look and feel natural will no doubt attest to that.

Unlike others, our hair extensions maintain its thickness and softness even after months of dyeing, blow drying, straightening, and even daily washes.

Now that’s the kind of product that’s worth investing in!