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Good Deeds

Good Deeds

Cooking-Up a Good Deed for Families in Need

Committing a good deed can be as easy as patronizing a brand that supports communities in need. You can do this by buying our products and lending your support where it’s needed.

When you buy from us, you’re also supporting less privileged women and children in Nigeria, Africa. Included in the causes we support is donating free custom wigs to cancer survivors.

The above becomes possible when you buy any of our hair extensions as we use a percentage of our profit towards this cause.

"The purpose of human life is to serve and show compassion and the will to help others." - Albert Schweitzer

Our Purpose, Your Purpose

By allotting a percentage of our business profit, we would be able to:

1. Assist less privileged women especially widows in remote parts of Nigeria, Africa. Aside from supporting their basic needs like food and healthcare, we help them start a new business or grow their current livelihood to improve the quality of their life.

2. Help less privileged children including orphans in Nigeria by providing them with basic needs such as food, clothing, healthcare, and education.

3. Donate free custom wigs to cancer survivors who have suffered hair loss due to harsh chemo treatments.


At Fancy Elle, we promote positivity and beauty with every hair extension that you buy.

So come and join us and let’s make a difference together!

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